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Since the women's day is a milestone on the calendar for quite some time now, time to congratulate and pamper women around us you must be, but the most important thing is to congratulate especially those women who dare to be entrepreneurial and to forge their own path Guided by a dream.

These women usually have a great weight on his shoulders and a lot of uncertainty, but also a worthy motivation to imitate as they pursue their dreams and develop their projects despite all the difficulties that this may acarraer for themselves and for their families .

I have mentioned on other occasions that women's campaigns have greater support than men, and this factor reflects that women entrepreneurs generate greater attraction. Personality therefore often closer than in the case of men, as they possess sensitivity.

In a world that still remains mostly male, it is noteworthy these women and support them, so that today in difficult times in our country, manage to pull it off.


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is always the first week has all the commitment and the desire to break it all. It is fresh and anxiety that the amount collected up as much as possible makes us do things that maybe are slated to wait for later.

First is not good to use all contacts at first, because what happens is that the minute the campaign stagnates in an amount not have more contacts to draw on.

Nor is it good to use the entire budget of social networks and digital marketing in that first week, because we can fall short for the final.

Finally and most importantly all of the above, it is not good to spend all energies of the team in the first week. A campaign is more than a career, a Cooper test and therefore need to save energy for the whole journey.

The most important thing is to be clear that the anxiety of the first week can play tricks on us to encourage us to use all the resources together in planning in the early stages of the campaign. But this is a mistake, because in that case we run out of resources for all other weeks.

You have to know measured and cool head to not lose objectivity! Since the adrenaline of the early days is difficult to handle!


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The first impression is always leaves a difficult image to erase, and although not get carried away by first impressions, in the world of social media and digital marketing, this is the only thing left in the observer.

That's why your campaign must succeed in attracting the first impression to potential backer then the goal and soak your campaign and your project. For that we must focus first impression on the profile of the campaign, as this is reflected in social networks and digital marketing, and video.

These two aspect, the most important and the window to your potential backer is the video and therefore have to achieve capture the attention of your target segment. It is very important that this video is consistent with the profile of the campaign, but remains the gateway to the campaign.

The statistics always say you have to grab attention in the first few seconds of the video, in order to achieve a greater number of people to see the entire video and therefore have a greater chance of backearte.

In planning you should consider that the first impression that your campaign may be the only opportunity you have to attract backers of difficult access.


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Many times has happened to us that entrepreneurs save resources by using photos, videos, graphics, etc. taken from Google for their campaigns and do not check whether they are open source and therefore have no author.

The big problem may come once Kickstarter makes its evaluation or when already this campaign with the above, the authors can make claims of Copyrights to Kickstarter. In the first case you can put Kickstarter trouble uploading your campaign until you change the items that could have problems Copyrights. In the second case they may ask you to fix the problem and may even lower your campaign

Overall Kickstarter statistics show the following:
A 0.3% of projects has uploaded claims Copyrights and therefore fall within the above percentages. Maybe these numbers do not look great, but the solution to prevent these types of problems is so easy to fall within this 0.3% is laziness or naivety

All this analysis is to make clear that the best thing to avoid problems during the campaign, is to check that all the material used for this project is original or free sources.


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Our ​​dear contacts! They are our closest relatives, our friends and some other naive out there.

Because they can be related to a reward crowdfunding campaign?

The first temptation of those who are undertaking or a new project is to show and sell his closest. This is very valid but can be a double-edged sword, because you can not develop a project based on our personal networks, but in our target audience.

For a crowdfunding campaign we want to avoid it is that the entrepreneur believes that he has many friends and relatives can start a campaign. Indeed these people nearby can help in the early days of the campaign to spread and perhaps to make zero the campaign. But just what is sought to reward crowdfunding campaign is to find new markets and customers.

In general, try to be the first% sales already sold before launching the campaign, new consumers see that the campaign has already left zero and rely more on it.

Therefore, you must first break the myth that current contacts with the campaign and have second list must seize this "database" for the first few days, but never base our campaign on that database!

TEAM ...

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Our ​​experience reward crowdfunding campaigns and donation, made ​​us learn that while it may be all very well prepared to run during the campaign, if the team is not cohesive and motivated is difficult to achieve the goal.

Along with this, it is important to define the roles of each person on the team and especially that everyone is clear as his own role interacts with the rest, so that when a crisis know where to turn and thus solve the problem efficiently and quickly. Everyone must have defined roles before, during and after the campaign.

Must be prepared before launching the campaign, but the results are seen during the campaign when we actually need to constantly put out fires. If the equipment is well cohesive and efficient, then it's likely that problems do not reach all members but only the atingentes the specific problem, creating an effect of "tranquility" that allows everyone to focus on their role.

This found that campaigns teams are more likely to reach the goal and this is precisely because of the efficiency factor is achieved if a team manages to cohere well for the process.


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While making a video may seem simple and even sometimes we think we have all the tools to achieve excellent video with home material that we like our cell phone to record a speaker to make good music, motivated entrepreneurs to do video and voila!

Well the truth is that it is not, but a video with those conditions might work, the problem is that you can not think of video as the mere fact of recording images is a mistake. The cornerstone of the video is creative script, a text explaining the essence of the video and how it should be recorded, with a special narrative that not everyone can achieve.

The script we have to transport and display the product creation process and as a team, in a close and actual works. As simple as possible to keep him away from commercial videos, as crowdfunding is a social network, so you want to have interaction with the people behind the projects.

There are conditions that are necessary for the video works well and is approved by Kickstarter. The first is to have and show a prototype of the product and second, it is not necessary for approval but for the smooth running of the campaign, is it in English.

Most projects do not want to spend a lot on your video and creative script, so it has to be clear that a budget inevitably takes longer to have the finished video. This factor can effectively be considered to have a video for a lower price.

Finally, we must understand that it is possible to use any type of video for a campaign, but the consequences are very different if the video is good or bad!


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A crowdfunding campaign donation as both reward needs, despite the redundancy, a set of rewards as attractive as possible for the consumer products experienced crowdfunding.

A good set of rewards, it sounds ugly, you have to wake greed consumers, ie they have to give desire to buy. You can not think that people will help because it is a good project for the planet, to a certain community or rescuing something good human being; all these features are in addition to the product itself, and if they are even better. The first priority is to always have an attractive product and then add, ecological, sustainable additional features fair trade, etc.

In addition to the main product, you have to generate a set of attractive and innovative rewards for all possible arrangements to pay. The classic USD $ 1 for a greeting on Facebook or mail thank you is always first, but you can find new ways to reward the initial dollar, we must take all the creativity in this part of the campaign.

The set of rewards is what can trigger your campaign go viral, for a very innovative reward, although this is not the main product. The important thing is to attract more consumers and that the rewards play an important role.

For all that you can not make do with having an innovative and attractive product, you have to be able to develop a set of products related to this that allow you to reach as many potential consumers.


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The great lesson learned with a reward crowdfunding campaign is that preparation is everything and so well prepared projects and good products generally are based. In addition, it adds the experience factor, ie the first time a project goes not much is known about it and therefore can make mistakes easily.

However there are 2 things that increase your chance of success, apart from the preparation. The first is that if the project fails, the next attempt to mistakes is have clear and improve. The second is that some other previously funded project already have.

The first reason there is an emblematic case, which is the Coolest Coller campaign in its first rise achievement not reach USD 125,000, but its creator did not give up and realized that he had made many mistakes in his campaign, so the arrangement, I improved and launched again reaching record collection for a long time, USD 13,285,226 !. In this case, the entrepreneurs learned from their mistakes in planning and execution in his first season, so apply what they learned in the next attempt.

For the second case there is a Kickstarter study that shows that the number of backers will increase as entrepreneurs are more successful campaigns. One reason may be the ability to create community is gained with experience and security that generates the backers someone "known". In fact , the success rates are doubled from the first to the second season, as seen in the following table:
These two reasons show that the first time is the hardest and therefore have to put more care and concern but thereafter it is easier to succeed.